Advisory Council

Mr James F HOGE, Jr. Senior Advisor, Teneo Intelligence. Formerly Chair, Human Rights Watch.

Mr H Brandt AYERS. Chairman of the Board, Consolidated Publishing Company.

Ms Jessica BRANDT. Fellow, Foreign Policy, the Brookings Institution.

Vice Admiral John W CRAINE, Jr, USN (Ret.). Senior Advisor to the Chancellor, State University of New York.

The Honorable Charles B DeWITT. Co-Founder, Lafayette Group, Inc., Washington.

Mr Michael DiNISCIA. Associate Director, John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress, New York University.

Mr Don HOWARTH. Partner, Howarth & Smith, Attorneys at Law, Los Angeles.

Mr Sarwar KASHMERI. Fellow, Foreign Policy Association; Applied Research Fellow, Peace and War Center, Norwich University.

Mrs Wendy W LUERS. President, The Foundation for a Civil Society.

Mrs Margaret Osmer McQUADE. President, Qualitas International.

Dr Jessica Tuchman MATHEWS. Former President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Mr Charles W MULLER, OBE. President, Murden and Company.

Mr Norman ORNSTEIN. Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute.

Ms Harriet PEARSON. Partner, Privacy and Information Management Practice, Hogan Lovells.

Ms Nancy PELZ-PAGET. Director Emerita, Education and Society Program, The Aspen Institute.

Mr Philip H POWER. Founder and Chairman, The Center for Michigan.

Mr David R RIEMER. Senior Fellow, Community Advocates Public Policy Institute.

The Hon Nicholas ROSTOW. Visiting Professor, Colgate University.

General Brent SCOWCROFT, KBE. President, The Scowcroft Group.

Ms Suzelle M SMITH. Partner, Howarth & Smith, Attorneys at Law, Los Angeles.

Dr Ashley J TELLIS. Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Professor Seymour TOPPING. San Paolo Professor of International Journalism Emeritus, Columbia University.

The Honorable John WARNER. Formerly United States Senator, Virginia.